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Look out for RENEGADE SHOWS announced only on this SITE.

“What is a RENEGADE SHOW and why do you shout it?”

  • Renegade shows are musical graffiti.  They are not booked.  No one grants permission.  We show up and play wherever and whenever usually in a crowded area.

1st RENEGADE SHOW is in Mission Bay under the West Mission Bay bridge on the center support platform.  Tie your boats, paddleboards, floaties, or whatever you have to enjoy the show.

Box truck door rolls up and the show begins at Petco Park.  Dates coming soon

Sunset pictures

Follow the journey.

The quest was never to be on the billboards.  The dream was always one thing.  Fully open yourself.  Put everything into one thing.  Absolute vulnerability. Truth. Mirror window honesty.  Don’t hide behind sarcasm or comedy.  No alter egos.  That’s where the magic lives.  Connection thrives there.  It’s the language of humanity that connects beyond all boundaries.  You don’t need to speak English to understand when Bonnie Rait says, ” I can’t make you love me…if you don’t.”  You can almost see a girl slam a bottle of Jack and swing her head back after snorting a line in prep to face the defeat of momentary freedom after a neighbor calls the cops on the Disco Dancing Dinosaur Party by The Chucky Cheese Band.   – We’re still working on it as you can see.

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